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American English. Listening
This application is designed to teach English speech reception.


Universal I/O server is intended for production data processing. High performance of up to 12 million measurements per second is a key feature of the server. The server supports processing of 1 million tags, whereas number of tags does not influence on the server performance.

Supported data transfer protocols for linking to HMI and other SCADA systems:

  • OPC DA Server
  • OPC DA Client
  • OPC AE Server

Supported data transfer protocols for communication with devices:

  • Modbus TCP Master
  • Modbus RTU Master
  • IEC 870-5-104 Master
  • IEC 870-5-104 Slave

Sensors Calibration System

System is designed to calibrate pressure gauges. The calibration is performed by comparing the readings of the standards to the readings of the equipments being calibrated.

The functions of the control system are as follows

  • Visualization of all the calibration process for operator, i.e. from the stage of system power-on and initiation of operation mode to system shutdown
  • Configuration of system settings
  • On-the-fly control of system settings
  • Control of measuring process
  • Communication with reference and tested gages via RS-232 channels
  • Communication with Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC via OPC DA protocol
  • Report generation

Data Collection and Submission System for unattached measuring equipment

The system is provided for control and monitoring of climatic variables within premises.

Key system features:

  • Data collection from unattached measuring equipment
  • Display of runtime data on plans of premises
  • Long-term storage of retrieved data
  • Report generation and graph plotting for data analysis


The system is provided for automation of customized furniture production.

The functions of the system are as follows:

  • Unification of all manipulations in geographically-distributed branch offices
  • Registration and control of orders
  • Stock recording
  • Statutory accounting
  • Optimization of operation in production shop
  • Registration and control of measurements
  • Registration and control of customers
  • Report generation and graph plotting for analyzing of production efficiency