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Software Development

The AXIDEP Company provides the full scope of services in software development for automation systems.
Our professional employees are experienced and skilled in software development in the following fields:

Development of OPC Service

  • For standard industrial protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus Plus, GOST R IEC 870-5-104, SNMP, etc.)
  • For dedicated devices
Communication of designed OPC servers is organized by standard or specialized protocols with device and by OPC specification with clients.
The following OPC servers are designed:
  • OPC DA (real-time data and control)
  • OPC HDA (history data)
  • OPC AE (alarms and events)

Development of Servers to Control WKS Operators

  • Real-time supervision of operator actions
  • Drilldown of archived records upon operator actions
  • Detector of unauthorized actions:
    • Internet entering
    • E-mail
    • No action above the threshold time period
    • Forbidden program startup

Development of Alarm Systems

Alarming is organized by the following protocols and communication channels:

  • OPC AE
  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Voice notification

Development of Remote Control Software

The remote control software allows control of
  • Computers (shutting down, reset)
  • Services (start, stop, restart)
  • Applications (start, stop)
All operations can be fulfilled both in manual and automatic modes. Advantages over RAdmin are as follows:
  • Issuing multiple control commands at a time
  • Possibility of manual and automatic control
  • Monitoring of all operations
  • Logging of operations (events) for further analysis
  • Flexible configuration of user rights for operations

Development of Software Version Control Systems for Network Computers

The major advantage is as follows
  • Automatic upgrade of controlled software for all network users

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